It's all about the Product

Purified water (aqua), DHA(ECOCERT) (DiHidroxyacetone DHA), Organic Caramel, Aloe vera, Organic green tea, Sodium Lauroyl sarcosinate (natural coconut derivative), (this is NOT Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) You can see the difference here   No FD&C, no parabans, alcoho or other artifical preservatives. 
Quick education to understanding DHA/ECOCERT DHA:
ECOCERT DHA. Our Dihydroxyacetone "DHA" conforms to the “ECOCERT Natural & Organic Cosmetic Standard. ECOCERT also has another certification for “Organic”.  Our Dihydroxyacetone does not have this certification. I am not sure of the difference between these 2 certifications. As far as "organic spray tanning", "organic airbrush tanning" "organic spray tans"and the words "organic solutions" - even with ecocert DHA, the  solutions as a whole are not organic.  So while I carry a solution line that is close, calling my spray tans organic is deceptive, so I'm not doing it. But I am happy that I can again begin to assert that the DHA in solutions I carry. DHA, ecocert or not, does not count as an ingredient that would make your solution organic. If there are any colors added ( like FD&C red yellow etc) they are a huge no no, as are like 20 other ingredients that I have been researching that are found in solutions. Maybe I will break that down for you all as I get time.  
Spray tanning isn't organic. There are some with more organic ingredients and more natural ingredients than others and th
ere are huge differences in quality across brands. This goes for all cosmetics. 
Companies can call their spray tans 100%  organic, sure. There is little to no regulation YET to this and it's a great marketing tool. But it's BS.